V NINE V9 Vela multifunctional body slimming machine


Target Area:
Body, Face
cavitation Liposuction machine
Plugs Type:
AU, UK, EU, US, JP, Za, It
For Commercial
Desktop V9 multifunctional body slimming machine
Input voltage:
AC220V 50HZ.AC 110V 60HZ
Treatment area:
Body Legs Arms Face Eyes
vacuum 40k cavitation rf lase


Cavitation Frequency
Vacuum rf body
vacuum rf face
Vacuum rf handle pressure
vacuum roller handle pressure
Rotate speed
40 roles/mins
Working Temperature
How does Velabody V9 work?
Desktop V9 body shaping machine is a multifunctional operating system integrated instrument combining body and face, which can improve problems such as body obesity and facial aging. The instrument acts on the subcutaneous fat cells of the human body through a safe high-frequency energy wave, which generates the same frequency resonance inside the fat cells to generate powerful shock waves. Free radicals and high-speed microjets. Safely decompose the fat cell wall from inside to generate cell debris and free fat. Cell debris is engulfed by phagocytes, and free fat is metabolized to the liver via lymph and blood.
It can effectively improve the curve of the legs, lift the sagging buttocks, reduce the abdomen, enhance the firmness of the skin, and improve the stubborn hardened cellulite. Compared with traditional treatment methods, the advantage is that it is non-invasive and does not cause any damage to the body. It is a better non-surgical shaping method; the negative-pressure radio frequency head of the face can stimulate collagen hyperplasia and elastic fiber reorganization, effectively improving facial relaxation and Wrinkles, radio frequency heating of subcutaneous fat, eliminate double chin obesity, in addition to vacuum negative pressure to dredge the lymph, immediately improve the tightening and anti-aging effects.
1.Face lifting and skin tightening
2.Body shaping/body circumference reduction
3.Face and neck wrinkle eliminating
4.Removes acne and black circle around eyes,eye bag
5.Improving skin-metabolism
6.Unique for upper eyelid
7.Skin surface smooth/massage
8.Cellulite reduction
1. It is the good body sculpting and firming instrument verified, with the purpose of improving Cellulite and reducing fat
accumulation effectively;
3. It is the slimming instrument sought after by many Hollywood stars and reported in many European and American magazines;
4. It combines light and radio frequency interaction and lowers the impedance of the radio frequency from the epidermis;
5. It eliminates the influence of therapeutic effects due to body resistance force;
6. The energy is concentrated in the treatment of epithelial tissue and connective tissue;
7. It adopts Bi-polar and polar radio frequency to improve the treatment of security;
8. The 5MHZ RF penetrates the skin depth with 15mm, which effectively treats adipose tissue;
9. The vacuum roller absorbs the skin tissue, which leads the radio frequency and infrared light into a further treatment;
10. The light and radio frequency can be controlled separately;
11. The immediate effect is obvious and the long-term efficacy could be predicted;
12. It is a non-invasive treatment with a comfortable process;
13. There are more than 10,000 women adopting V9 care every day.


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